Lesson 1 - Selling Without Selling

Most coaches’ gifts and talents apply quite nicely to the act of coaching an existing client. That’s not what this school is about (although it will dive into the issue of becoming a better coach in an ongoing, devoted way as you come more and more from a learning mindset.)

This school is about building prosperity by becoming extremely skillful at selling your services. But you won’t be “selling” in the way you used to think of that. You’ll replace all of that with a new understanding of serving.

This first video lesson invites you to open up to the possibility of saying goodbye to your old life of failed sales calls and frustratingly ineffective attempts at marketing and self-promotion. Not only is the alternative path of service more effective and powerful, it is also more relaxed and doable.

EXTRA CAREER BOOST: To deepen your understanding of the power of service in the context of client creation we recommend two amazing and persuasive books, both of them written by graduates of this school who have become highly successful coaches:

  1. Living Service: The Journey of a Prosperous Coach by Melissa Ford, and
  2. When All Boats Rise: 12 Coaches on Service as the Heart of a Thriving Practice.

These books have had such a powerful positive impact on coaches that we made them required reading in the live versions of this school. You’ll do yourself and your career a great favor by reading and studying them. There’s nothing better than coaches sharing their true life, real world experiences and positive results. It beats theory every time.

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